Rebirth E​.​P.

by The Disarmy

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This 4-track E.P. was recorded in my bedroom with the exception of 'Simple Escape' recorded at JWMusic Studios ( in South East England.

'Rebirth' has many significances for me, and since titling the E.P. I've found many unthought of meanings carry on presenting themselves.

I hope that these songs may bring you peace, hope, and higher vibrations.



released May 14, 2013




The Disarmy Coventry, UK

The Disarmy is the Psychedelic Brainchild of Multi-Instrumentalist Spiros Abatis.

Live performances vary from live-looped trippy vocals, surreal effects, percussive acoustic guitar and yogic moves to full-band mayhem.

Past Collaborators
Samantha Hunt (Kaleidosonic Album) ~ Vocals
Luke Weaver ~ Vocals & Bass
Sam Poole ~ Drums
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Track Name: Head in the clouds
Dreams are not only for sleep,
If it can be imagined, then so it can be,
And we are only limited by our own minds,
Once we stop searching, then we may find.

So keep your feet on the ground, and your head in the clouds.
The ones who mock others can never feel proud.

You've done so much for others and forgotten yourself,
Now it's time to take your time for the sake of everyone else,
No-one can relate to all that you go through,
The struggles of time are something you must grow through.

A person's potential may be hard to perceive,
When you give up your feelings and your right to believe,
For I have just grown from being a child,
Kept my imagination, but a little less wild.

Kept my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds,
Don't care for their opinions, as long as I feel proud.
Track Name: Abundance
Cursed are those who never bless their luck,
For they are disposed to be forever stuck,
Still, with all that they own, are not satisfied.
Blessed are those who never curse their lot,
Express gratitude for all they have got,
Abundance is just a state of mind.

The world of your imagination is tied to the physical there's no separation.

We already have all that we need,
To stray from a lifestyle of wanting and greed,
Money is an illusion, and our downfall.
The more that we have the more we have to lose,
The option of choice no longer something we choose,
It appears to be a comfort to us all.

The world of your imagination is tied to the physical there's no separation.
Track Name: A Simple Escape
Not so far from the city landscape,
You find yourself in a simple escape,
Shining summer sun envelops you in a blanket of warmth and light,
And overhead white clouds glide across a sky so blue and bright.

And I fear we're turning emerald into grey;
Destroy the things which should remain.

Inhaling the winter air, pure and cool like the glistening snow,
Such a gift, a natural bliss, this is letting go.
I lose myself there's nothing else, we are one,
I'm within all there is, and all that is, is all I am

I am nothing in this moment,
A wind passing through the blades of grass,
Disolved to nothing every moment,
Will come to be, and come to pass.

I fear we're turning emerald into grey,
Destroy the things which should remain,
I lose myself there's nothing else,
And we are one,
I'm within all there is,
And all there is, is all I am.
Track Name: Gone Past
It's gone past and I can't get it back,
So fast that I struggled to keep track,
There's so much that I could have improved,
Resentment is something I won't do.

A sense of freedom resonates in me,
I'm still free to go wherever I please,
In time, I may settle down,
But not now, and never in this town.

Times may change and we will see the significance in the scheme of things. We only had to try our best, as we get to choose our own tests.

It's time to go back to square one,
To look back on the lessons I have learned,
I may feel reluctant at first,
But my situation could be worse.
And I may be all alone,
I have no one to call my own.

Looking back on the memories, the memories we have made
Holding back from saying that those were the days.