Godiva Is Alive

by The Disarmy

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    All Proceeds go to Campaign Against The Arms Trade.

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All Proceeds go to Campaign Against The Arms Trade.

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Creative Process

The lyrics for this song came to me as a Poem first...which is unusual to my writing process. I wrote and recorded the song with in the space of a few days, and then presented it to CAAT as a fundraiser.

Lyrical Content

The song is largely inspired by my time spent in Coventry, my Hometown. Lady Godiva is a figure I have chosen to use as part of a big movement. The idea of using a strong Heroine which also represents Masculine & Divine Elements (God+Diva=Godiva). Lady Godiva famously rode around Coventry on Horseback, taking the Taxes Away.

The 'something in the water' lyric refers to the Fluoridation of tap water in the West Midlands. This is not a conspiracy theory, there are categorical facts out there. Fluoride has been shown to calcify the Pineal Gland, at the centre of the Human Brain. Rene Descartes (1596-1650), A French Philosopher termed the Pineal Gland the 'Seat of the Soul'. It is believed to be, in many Eastern Schools of Thought, to secrete chemicals known to induce dreaming states, and is closely linked to the Ajna, or 3rd Eye Chakra (Energy Centre).

Do your own research; I'm a Muzikian, not a Scientist. www.wmaf.org.uk/landing.php

Recording & Techniques

The video shows live takes. All takes are uncut and largely unedited; this is much more challenging as a performer but gives you, the audience, a true representation of the Muzik.

The Cymbals on the floor were great fun and a moment of inspiration. I chose to limit myself to Guitars, Vocals and Handheld Percussion, to see what I could achieve.

Many of the effects were created within Logic Pro 9, Guitar Rig 4 & iZotope Nectar Vocal Suite.


It is also a consciousness raiser...many members of the public do not yet understand they are unwittingly and unwillingly funding the arms trade. Whatever your Political Standpoint, the mass murders perpetrated in Warfare should no longer be the place of Human Beings, an intelligent and potentially compassionate race.

If you have any issues with my personal standpoint, please write a courteous email to rossabatis@gmail.com


On the night...
The Night that the Moon is Full,
The only way to Heal, is to become Whole again.

I know you think it Unorthodox,
It's a bottomless Paradox,
Time & Space are Illusions,
And we can shift our shape.

Camera Principis is the Seat of your Soul,
There's something in the water sure, "but you don't need to know"
CCTV and False Profits creating all these Holes,
It's all for your Safety Sir, The Safety of our control.

The Roots of all Evil are Taxing our pure minds,
Don't you peep just now boy,


released March 17, 2014




The Disarmy Coventry, UK

The Disarmy is the Psychedelic Brainchild of Multi-Instrumentalist Spiros Abatis.

Live performances vary from live-looped trippy vocals, surreal effects, percussive acoustic guitar and yogic moves to full-band mayhem.

Past Collaborators
Samantha Hunt (Kaleidosonic Album) ~ Vocals
Luke Weaver ~ Vocals & Bass
Sam Poole ~ Drums
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